April 21st: Comfy Concert with Lea Mikoldy

Doors open at 7.45, concert starts 8 pm sharp.

Entry: by donation.

Experience the magical sounds of the cello and loop pedals to help you relax, dream, journey, meditate or simply be.

Bring your sheepskins and blankets and enjoy an hour of improvised sounds washing over you. Please come early enough to give yourself time to settle in and make yourself comfortable
All ages welcome, but please be mindful of others around you if you bring little people with you.

Any questions – contact Lea on 0851466125

Lea Miklody is a Hungarian born musician, gardener and craftsperson. She has been playing the cello most of her life, moving more and more towards improvisation and presence –  building soundscapes with the cello (and sometimes voice) using loop pedals.  The idea of Comfy Concerts is to let the listener forget about the surroundings, the habits and behaviours around live music – in the hope that the music can work its magic more deeply without distractions.