Apr 20th: Devi Dance with Bella Hancock

A workshop of Yoga, movement and freedom!

Devi Dance is a fusion exploration rooted in yoga, dance techniques, energy awareness and personal expression. It is called Devi Dance because the body is sacred, authentic expression is unique and personal, and the practice is to listen to and express from the inner energy and dance that in the world..
Be the Devi or Deva of your own practice, dancing the sacred movement of your spirit.
In this two hour taster workshop we will use the breath and awareness of the inner and outer space as our container for our dance.
Come and join the dance, enjoy the movement of your wonderful body, great music and fun.

Techniques we use are from Yoga, Qi Gong, Oriental dance, feldenkrais, dance of Feminine and masculine  energies and exercises of Duende Dance.

Bella Hancock (Saraswati) is a Yogini and dancer of life, based in west Cork, Ireland. She has taught yoga and dance ( sacred women’s dances) for the last 17 years  and regularly teaches workshops and retreats in Ireland and internationally. Her yoga journey began in childhood , practising alongside a family friend, and she explored Hatha yoga through her twenties and thirties in between having babies, and feeding chickens,  working as a doula and gardener. She did her 500 hrs teacher training in 2000,  with Contemporary Yoga, Cork and continued learning and studying with many International teachers during the last 16 years.
She has also studied intensively women’s dances of the Middle East, beautiful strong, sacred feminine dance forms, and also practises energy and movement practices such as Qi Gong, Feldenkrais, 5 Rythms. Her primary teacher of Dance as a way of elevating our existence is Yumma Mudra, the creator of Danza Duende, an international network of students and teachers dedicated to dancing life as art, art as life. Bella is also a director of the Yoga Mandala Project, a global community of Yogis and Yoginis offering yoga as Seva in the refugee crisis, as a tool for support, self empowerment and well-being.