3 times per year An Sanctoir offers week-long residencies in its purpose built studio to anyone working in the performing arts who wishes to develop work in this peaceful rural setting. These residencies are suitable for dancers, actors, musicians etc.

Upcoming Residencies Dates

No residencies booked at the moment

We Provide

6 days of unlimited 24 hour a day access to the studio, a beautiful 9m diameter, wooden floored, octagonal practice space with underfloor heating kitchen and 2 bathrooms (with showers) all fully wheelchair accessible, all set within a 30 acre nature reserve.
Support from our artists-in residence Liaison Tara Brandel in publicising and facilitating your ‘creative offering’

In Exchange We Ask

That you provide a  ‘creative offering’ on the final day of your residency (this could be a performance, discussion, work in progress sharing, or however you choose to share your creative experience with our community).
We would also ask that you please respect our dance floors and not to use shoes in the main space.


You pay a very reduced rate of €350 (funded) €250 (unfunded) for the week.
We will take a small door fee for your creative offering to help cover our costs.
We can write letters of invitation (or whatever you need) if you are applying for funding or travel expenses for your residency.


Camping is available at An Sanctoir (the centre has showers and a small kitchen for your use.)
You can also sleep in the centre itself in the winter).
Camping is €60 p.week.
Accommodation is also available onsite through Dan Gray – please contact Dan on 028 37834 or Tara Brandel ( Car needed.


To Apply

Please write a BRIEF email outlining who you are, what you do and what you plan to do during your An Sanctoir Residency, along with a CV or bio, and a link to your work (youtube, vimeo, website etc). Please specify the dates you are interested in, and provide any other information you think we need to accommodate your residency and email it to
We also provide block bookings for dance, music and theatre rehearsals at other times of year (subject to availability) at a reduced cost. Please email us for availability and price.

Previous Preforming Artists

Sarah Cunningham was co-founder, with Monica Huggett, of Trio Sonnerie.Her solo CDs were released on the London-based label ASV and EMI/Virgin Classics, and she has appeared as recitalist from Helsinki to Vancouver. She founded and directed the East Cork Early Music Festival, recognized as Ireland’s premier early music festival from 2003-2009. Sarah currently teaches at the Julliard School of Performing Arts in New York.

Tara Brandel is a contemporary dancer and choreographer originally from West Cork. She trained at the Laban Centre, London and with Steve Paxton, Nigel Charnick and Lloyd Newsom. Her work has been performed from the San Francisco Lesbian and Gay Dance Festival to The Place Theatre, London. She was a Co-Director of 848 Community Space, San Francisco from 2002-2004. She is currently Artistic Director of Croi Glan Integrated Dance Company in Cork.

Marcus Magdalena is a Canadian performance artist who identifies as genderless. He has been working in theatre for 25 years as a performer, director, and technician. Marcus also has a background in social work and crisis counseling, Marcus makes very personal solo shows that draw on his own life story, as well as facilitating and directing large groups in telling their stories on stage.

Leonie McDonagh a Belfast based choreographer working with Pony Dance (champions of comedy dance theatre –  good looking, charming and award winning).  For the residency at An Sanctoir Leonie teamed up with 3 dancers from Croi Glan Ireland’s leading Integrated Dance company for a meal size amount of clever movement, a few spillages and plenty of laughs.

Lea Miklody: Lea Miklody has been playing the cello from an early age. She has been part of many collaborations and projects over the years, including music for theatre and dance, expanding the ways we present and perceive music. During her residency at An Sanctoir she worked on a cycle of compositions under the title “Release”. This was a solo project with loops and voice that has been in the planning for a number of years. The inspiration came from a  concept based on Chinese Medicine, the correlation between the 5 elements – 5 emotions – 5 sounds, and the idea that in order to let go of anything, we need to move through all 5 emotions.

Kathleen Hermesdorf

LABYRINTH is a project-in-progress by ALTERNATIVA, begun in January of 2016. Kathleen Hermesdorf will continue her research in the dance studio, on the land and into her Irish roots, as well as instigate the creation of a labyrinth on the grounds of An Sanctoir.

Labyrinth is a dance in reaction to the mythology of the sacrificial woman, the woman as pawn and prey, the woman who cannot be seen or saved or understood without a male counterpart. It is also a physical translation of the Greek myth of the Minotaur and an internal journey to the center and back, blending interpretations of the characters – a white bull, a proud god, a greedy king, a manipulated queen, an abandoned princess, a hybrid beast, a bold hero – with an ongoing research of walking labyrinths around the world. Transmitting what is divined and discovered via these forays into antiquity, sacred geometry, intuition and other obscured resources, the work reckons with the Oracle, the Amazon, Cassandra and Pandora as well.

Kathleen Hermesdorf is an international dance artist, educator and producer, and the Director of ALTERNATIVA in San Francisco. She has been dancing in the Bay Area since 1991 and teaches, performs, improvises, creates, curates and mentors around the world. Hermesdorf has gained invaluable experience as a collaborator/performer in Bebe Miller Company, Contraband/Sara Shelton Mann and Margaret Jenkins Dance Company, and as co-director of Hermesdorf & Wells Dance Company with Scott Wells and Collusion with Stephanie Maher, with whom she has also co-directed PORCH summerschool at Ponderosa in Germany since 2010. Hermesdorf brings over 20 years of experience from the field, studio and stage to her work and holds a BFA and an MFA in Dance Performance and Pedagogy.

ALTERNATIVA, directed by dancer Kathleen Hermesdorf with musician Albert Mathias, is an apparatus for deeply integrated contemporary dance and music via creation, improvisation, performance, production, curation and education. In action in San Francisco since 1998, ALTERNATIVA supports the creative work of the directors, known for explorations into corporeality, human conditions and other ineffabilities. It offers interactive and performative experiences in collaboration with artists in many fields, and engages an extensive and extended population of international participants and audience via residencies at universities, festivals and studios around the world. Programming includes an annual FRESH Festival and ongoing classes in the Bay Area. |