August Sunday 13 2017: Zanze Pandit

Master Zanze Pandit is a true Master Teacher.


Originally from Taiwan, he has been trained in ancient Eastern disciplines from childhood.

He will visit West Cork to give 2 days of classes and workshops in An Sanctóir, Ballydehob.

Being facilitated for the first time in Europe, these Qigong exercises were only accessible to initiated students just 2 decades ago.

Master Zanze is opening these ancient Tai Chi methodologies to the public.


Free Lessons:   Water Moon Guan Jing

This is a wish fulfilling magical prayer. You now have a unique chance to learn and receive a personal transmission from a Buddhist Master.


Friday 11 August in O’Donovans Hotel, Clonakilty. 18.30 -19.30. Free of charge.
Saturday 12 August at An Sanctóir, Ballydehob. 18.00 -19.00. Free of charge.

Save yourself and others from suffering and disaster by praying to the Goddess of Mercy. 
This popular Chinese Buddhist Dharma teaching has yielded miraculous results since the Tang dynasty (700 AD).


Saturday 12 August 2017 at An Sanctóir, Ballydehob.

Saturday morning: 10.00 – 13.00

Buddhist Qigong Akashagarbha: Learn these hand-and-arm movements, or moving mudras, from a master to improve the flow of vital (Qi) energy throughout the acu-meridians. They are practised standing as well as sitting.

Akasagarbha, or Space-Womb, refers to the Oneness of the universe and your mind. The moving mudras are the keys to better your well-being and open up your wisdom.


Saturday afternoon: 14.00 – 17.00

Lessons in The Heart Sutra: You will receive awareness raising special empowerment, guided meditation, and clearly understand the Buddha’s last sermon. 
The Heart Sutra helps to really grasp Buddhist teachings, this lesson is the most pristine holistic transmission given by Zanze Pandit.
There will be some Qigong to keep us moving.


at An Sanctóir, Ballydehob.

Sunday morning: 10.00 – 13.00

Twin Dragons Qigong: Authentic Buddhist Qigong. Take an adventure in Qigong rooted in Tai Chi and Zen of the holy mountain of Wu Tai Shan.

Sunday afternoon: 14.00 – 17.00

Treasure Vase Qigong: Accumulate adequate qi in your body. This precious breathing method is considered the foundation of inner tantra. After mastering this method, you can use it to cultivate the Uncontaminated Dharma. You spiritual achievement will be excellent.



€60 for one lesson,  €100 for one day,  €180 both days. 

Booking is essential.

Contact:  Mark van Dam  086-1591881