The Sacredness Of You – 15-16th Sept 2018

A weekend of exploring your Sacredness Your connection to the Divine You Exploring your heaven on earth Exploring your journey with the Angels and dragons Meditation and prayre To unlock the doors within to allow more of your Divine You First day we will be Connecting with your I Am Presence And allowing the flow of your divinity to shine … Read More


  WILD: West Cork Contemporary Dance Festival 2018 Saturday, August 11 – Saturday, August 18 A week of dance, technique, Croí Glan LAB research, improvisation, contact improv, performance and community events at An Sanctoir, a 30-acre nature reserve with a beautiful hexagonal dance studio in West Cork, Ireland. Offering a high level of creativity, physical challenge, immersivity and interactivity. Experiencing … Read More

Inner Wisdom Yoga Apprenticeship 2018-19

Inner Wisdom Yoga Apprenticeship Sept 2018 – April 2019 with Claire Osborne Eight modules to guide you deeper into the ancient practice of yoga with the support of an experienced teacher. Focus on deepening your understanding and personal connection with yoga, through self-enquiry, the 8 limbs, the koshas (5 bodies), sangha (community) and deepening your understanding of the yoga sutras. … Read More