The Living Land Series is a special programme of events coming to An Sanctoir in 2017. The aim of the events is to celebrate the landscape and Irish wildlife. Each month an exciting performer or speaker will come to the centre to put on an exciting mix of workshops, plays, talks, concerts or nature walks.

For bookings or more information 

email:, Telephone: 086 102 5484

List of upcoming talks:

Saturday 4th of February

10 am – 4 pm

Mary Reynolds – Healing the earth through our gardens

Saturday 11th of February

8 pm

Donal O’Kelly – Ailliliu Fionnuala

Saturday 24th of March

7 pm

Tim Pat Coogan and Leanne O’Donnell – Our Land In My Life

Saturday 1st of April

11 am

Eanna Ni Lamhna – Springtime in West Cork

Saturday 8th of April

10 am – 5 pm

 Living Wilderness Bushcraft: School Bushcraft Essentials