June, Friday 30th @ 7.30pm and July, Saturday 1st : House of Yoga.

June Friday 30th 7.30 pm/ Saturday 1st July (family event) 11am:
House of Yoga Family Freedom Flash mob in aid of The Yoga Mandala Project- Yoga and Wellbeing support for refugee communities
House of Yoga (www.housemusicyoga.com)  is a technology of movement created by Karla Kelly which brings bodies breaths and beats together for a celebration of synchronised movement of unity in community. The vision and concept is that we are creating our lives from our own ‘house’ (iebodyheartmindspirt container) and that as we co-ordinate our movements with the even breath and beat of a house music soundrack, we align in community with the bigger House of people in the room/space around us. We move and breathe in a balanced rhythm together and become one breath, one movement, one House of people coming home to themselves together! The movements are easy and fun and Karla has adapted the sequence for an all ages ‘body party’ !
This is a 40 minute session. (its helpful if they can count to 8!)
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