January 9th 2017

Happy New Year to one and all from all here at An Sanctoir! We have new classes and workshops for you in the coming year!

8th May 2016:

We deeply regret that the Chairman of An Sanctoir’s Trustees, Steve Foster, has died.  Everyone involved with An Sanctoir will miss him.  The time he gave to An Sanctoir is greatly valued and he was always a welcome presence.  Our deepest sympathies to all his family.


24th April 2016:

Work day was a great success. 10 people came, we got quite a lot done on the land in preparation of summer. next workday will be at the end of May. See you there maybe !


April 2016:

There are a few changes happening at An Sanctoir:  We are in the process of settling in an new administrator.  Grace, who took over from Victoria in December, sadly had to leave recently.

We have a good team of people working on the CE and TUS schemes and if you have visited An Sanctoir recently you will have noticed the work being done on the land.  The Kindergarten is looking beautiful too with new blue gates and a new sign and it just looks like the perfect place for children to be.


January 4th 2016: Happy New Year!

We hope you got to relax over the holidays and are feeling nice and energised for the year ahead!

Lea Miklody joins us for the Performing Artist Residency this week and she invites you to view her work in progress on Saturday January 9th at 8pm. Full details available here


December 21st 2015: Happy Solstice!

Winter Solstice

The sun streaming into An Sanctóir on the shortest day of the year provided a beautiful moment for reflection. Wishing you all a Happy Solstice and as we wrap here for a little break, a very Happy Christmas too!

A very wet and windy Friday 27th November:

The trustees have been interviewing this week for a new administrator and will be interviewing next week for the Community Employment  post.

! We have reached 700 on our mailing list !  And we have 1,634 Likes on our Facebook page.

If you are on Facebook and haven’t already “Liked” us – please do and share our posts . . .


Monday 23rd November:

Evenings at An Sanctoir are much brighter!  We have new permanent lights to light your way from the car park to the centre.

We are looking for someone to work at An Sanctoir under the Community Employment Scheme – please see post on Home Page for details.


Friday 13th November:

From a very windy but sunny An Sanctoir:

Would you like to be an artist’s model? Please contact Dan Gray on 086 061 7962 if you would – the Life Drawing Class is on Mondays from 2.30 – 5 pm.

Night time visitors will be pleased to hear we are updating the lighting from the centre to the car park.  We love looking at the night sky but some light will be good too!


Our first “Latest News” post:

Friday 6 November:

New Administrator:

This is the last date for submitting your application.  The trustees will be meeting on 11th November to look at the applications.  We will be in touch with applicants soon after that.

Betty O’Toole’s Okido Yoga class:

Betty won’t be doing her class for the next few weeks.  We’ll let you know when she’s coming back.