Raising a Roof!

Last year this beautiful outdoor Shelter began being built by artist and builder Chrisy Collard.

Now the structure  needs it’s roof completed, scheduled for this month! We need 1000 euros to purchase the pond liner membrane to begin waterproofing what will be a grass roof.  After that we will need another 1,000 for materials and labour.

We are planning a programme of camps and retreats starting at Easter and throughout the summer.  A pizza oven will be next and we shall improve the facilities with fundraiser events, including performances, concerts, and fun activities.

We have skilled and unskilled  volunteers to raise the roof and do the finishing work.
This shelter will be around for many years to come for the outdoor education, workshops,  camps and retreats  for young people, families and everyone else!

Outdoor education, being in nature and alternative activities for our youth are all  a vital part of our future!

Please support this wonderful project!

You be glad you did!