Wednesday Mornings from 25th Oct: Sophrology Workshops

Wednesday morning, from 10:30 to 11:30

Based on breathing, auto-massage, little movements and attention drawn on the Present moment, Sophrology has incredible effects on our different dimensions, intelligences, brain functioning. It is a life-changing practice.

It will bring you :
– peace with your body and your mind,
– better managing of your emotions,
– improvement of your sleep quality,
– development of your memory,
– mental preparation to a challenging event (as giving birth, passing an exam…)
does it mean something to you ? if so, come and try a sophrology class !

Sophrology is a very well known practice in France. It is a way for exploring, expanding and harmonizing one’s consciousness. Muriel guides you as an active meditation.
It is an approach created in 1960 by a neuro psychiatrist, Alphonso Caycedo. Inspired by yoga, bouddhism, zazen, Platon’s school, Schultz autogene training, most of them based on the phenomenology (study of the phenomenom : how to be in the present),
Sophrology is a way of exploring and harmonizing the human conscience.

It explores and develops 4 types of intelligences :
– The body intelligence, in connection with the present, explores the body sensations,
– The emotional intelligence, in connection with the future, explores the emotions, help to be mentally prepared to a challenging event (giving birth, pass an exam, do a surgery, etc),
– The intuitive intelligence, in connection with the past, explores the imagination with the inner journeys which grows the intuition. It develops also the memory.
– The transcendantal intelligence allows us to be inside and outside ourselves, being conscious of both, in our center.

Muriel Laradi is a French sophrologist certified by the European Federation of Sophrology in july 2009. Since then, she runs sophrology classes for individuals and groups. She says : “it is always very moving for me to witness how people live their first experience. Often, they feel moved as they discover their body as if it was the 1stt time, soft and hard, present at the surface and in the depth, the vital energy circulating fluently…
I know and cherish this nurturing feeling of inhabitating one’s inner Earth, feeling that I am at the right place, in a mellow, soft, secure and spacious space ! in my home !”
Also kinesiologist, she offers her sensitivity and her long experience in personal development trainer (15 years) .

1 session : €12 (8 sessions) or €72 (€9 for the session)

For booking and further information, please contact Muriel at 083 871 9456
or or visit my facebook page Muriel Kinesiology Sophrology Cork WestCork